Life is a Series of Questions

For which we rarely have the answers

24 April
I am not sure how many people read the user information but I do sometimes for various reasons (interest, understanding, morbid curiosity) So, for those people who are interested in reading this one for whatever reason, I hope it is worth the brief amount of time it takes to do so.

In the beginning... I was born in Fall River, Massachusetts because my father was in the Navy and stationed in New Port, RI. I have spent most of life in the southern United States.

Growing up... I've always had an interest in Art but once I had exhausted my high schools art program by taking every class I could get into (save drafting, I can't draw straight lines -with- the ruler.) I took up chorus. (which does not mean that I can sing but that I enjoy trying) I was a part of a swim team and also enjoy snow skiing and ice skating. I find I like solitary sports that, while they are sometimes done in a group setting, still centers around bettering your individual performance.

Still Learning... I have had numerous jobs but no career. I have worked in various places and find that I like to be in charge of my own time management. I am good with customers but I generally feel very idle if that is the sole focus of my job. I love trying new things, reading new books and hearing other people's opinions.

I would guess that really did not answer the quick and dirty questions most people ask.

Sign: Taurus
Music taste: It is very varied. I won't say there is any type of music that I hate everything about but I do have some that I listen to a lot more than others. My playlist of 'good stuff' would take several days to play all the way through. It has many different things including classical music (my bird's favorite is Mozart) soundtracks, classic rock, celtic, trance, heavy metal and whatever odds and ends I become attached to.
Pets: I have a very needy cat named Malachite(Malley) and a sometimes very noisy bird named Skittle
Hobbies: I do digital art and am an admitted gamer geek I have played many table top role playing games but for the past six years most of my gaming has been online. Games I have played there include
Everquest I and II, Diablo I and II, Horizons, Dark Age of Camelot, Guild Wars, and Anarchy Online.

This a rather small sum of me but that is what the rest of the journal is for is it not?